She carefully laid her clothes on the desk and disappeared into the head. I could hear the shower running and assumed she found my mouthwash when I heard her gargling.

She brought a warm washcloth back with her and was cleaning me up when she said, "You are very big and have a beautiful cock. Now, it's your turn to do me like that."

The bunk was only one meter wide by two meters long and surrounded one three sides by bulkheads, so the only way this could be accomplished was for her to sit on my face. I think she liked this arrangement anyway, because she was in total control. Although we were in the 69 position, she didn't suck me. Instead, she supported herself on her stiff arms, one on each side of my hips. Her head was back and her eyes were closed, savoring each caress and probe of my tongue. Every now and then, when I touched a particularly sensitive spot, she would twitch and, with a sharp intake of breath, sigh.

I knew exactly where her clitoris was, Milf but, in an effort to make it last and to give her the same pleasure she had given me, I carefully avoided it. Soon, she was rocking back and forth; pushing her pussy so hard against my mouth I was having trouble breathing. She was gasping with each movement. I assumed the time was now and sucked the soft little center of her sexual universe into my mouth and captured it between my lips and tongue.

That did it! I am glad the crew’s quarters are almost sound proof because she let out a wail, best described as the noise a lioness might make if you ran over its tail with a truck. I was determined to do to her what she had done to me, so I didn't stop and release her love Milf button until she collapsed into a withering, whimpering, mass on top of me. Her head was lying on my thigh, within inches of my manhood.

I thought she might be ready to give me a return engagement Milf but, when I licked her pussy, she said, "You bastard" and bit me, hard. "As soon as I catch my breath, you are going to fuck me, and it better not be halfway. I have never been this horny."

By 2 a.m. she conceded that her horniness had been cured and she went back to her stateroom on very shaky legs. I didn't see her at breakfast or lunch Milf but at dinner she told me that she had a relapse and her "condition" had returned. I ended up having to "treat" it every evening for the rest of the six-day cruise.

Both my wife and I work long hours in the afternoons so when we had children we thought that the most reasonable thing to do was to hire a babysitter. Someone who would be there for the kids when they got home from school and who would take care of them until my wife or I got home. We went through hundreds of applicants before we found Amy. She had tonnes of experience with children and when she came round for an interview the children loved her at once. After a few weeks we loved her as well. She cooked she cleaned and some how she managed to keep the children on their best behaviour all the time. She was a sweet girl, curly red hair, big brown eyes, legs for days and a pair of tits the size of melons. She was a cheerleader and everything, sometime she was still in her uniform if she had come straight from practice.

Milf Majilton

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